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Congrats to our recent winners:

  • George H. of Augusta, GA won the $10 Cash Giveaway on November 25
  • Cindee K. of Canonsburg, PA won the $15 Daily Chipotle Gift Card on November 25
  • Brian B. of Kitchener, ON won the $15 Daily Starbucks Gift Card Giveaway on November 25
  • Nelson R. of Newark, NJ won the $10 Cash Giveaway on November 24
  • Ron S. of Mansfield, OH won the $15 Daily Starbucks Gift Card Giveaway on November 24
  • Ron G. won the $15 Daily Chipotle Gift Card on November 24
  • Yaxi D. of San Tan Valley, AZ won the $15 Daily Chipotle Gift Card on November 23
  • Mikey S. of Southbridge, MA won the $15 Daily Starbucks Gift Card Giveaway on November 23
  • Maria E. of Phoenix, AZ won the $10 Cash Giveaway on November 23
  • Elrond G. of Marietta, GA won the $10 Cash Giveaway on November 22
  • Patricia V. of Port Charlotte, FL won the $15 Daily Starbucks Gift Card Giveaway on November 22
  • Dennis C. of Grantsburg, WI won the $15 Daily Chipotle Gift Card on November 22
  • James H. of Curtice, OH won the $25 McDonald's Gift Card on November 22
  • Essie S. of Springfield, IL won the $10 Cash Giveaway on November 21
  • Helena B. won the $15 Daily Chipotle Gift Card on November 21

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$1,000 Winner Doreen T. Fargo, South Dakota, October 2022

Sweeps4All $1,000 Winner Doreen T. Fargo, South Dakota, October 27, 2022

We’re always exciting when the $1,000 Cash Sweepstakes drawing is approaching, reminding our sweepers to get their entries in so they don’t miss their chance to win the next cool grand giveaway! When that day arrives, there...

October 2022 Winner Highlights

It’s been another marvelous month here at Sweeps4All and we hope you’ve been getting your free entries in every day for the chance to win our giveaways! It’s pretty exciting to know yours could be the next entry chosen in our random drawings for some pretty awesome prizes! Be sure to include our...

September Sweepstakes Winner Highlights

Here at Sweeps4All we pride ourselves on offering something for everyone! Whether you’re looking to win some big money, a super prize package of your dreams, want to have a meal or a coffee on us, or something in between, it’s always free to enter for your chance to win whatever you like!


Sweeps4All August 2022 Winner Highlights

The dog days of summer are drawing to a close and although the cooler weather is on the way, there’s nothing hotter than entering our free sweepstakes for the chance to win some truly incredible prizes! We’ve got something for everyone, which certainly reflects the name of our site. Sweeps4All...

Sweeps4All June 2022 Winner Highlights

There’s no better time to keep entering our free sweepstakes for the chance to win some amazing prizes! We’re pretty excited to have added some really fun daily giveaways recently, including a $15 Starbucks Gift Card and a $15 Chipotle Gift Card on top of the $10 cash prize we award to someone...

$1,000 Cash Prize Winner June 16, 2022!

It sure turned out to be one lucky day for Gerald C. from Lincolnton, North Carolina, who won our $1,000 Cash Prize on June 16, 2022, just in time to celebrate Father’s Day. Now it can be a double celebration with that cool grand on hand! We’re always thrilled to award this large cash prize to a...

May Sweepstakes Winner Highlights

At Sweeps4All we strive to offer a variety of prizes which anyone would enjoy winning. It’s simple to enter by filling in your email address for each entry you would like to submit for whichever prizes you want the chance to win. Whether you need a new home, a new set of wheels to get you where...

Sweeps4All $1,000 Winner – Darrell L. of Kingsport, Tennessee – January 2022

We are so very delighted to congratulate our newest $1,000 cash prize winner, Darrell L. of Kingsport, Tennessee, who won the prize drawing on January 27, 2022! We’re sure Darrell must have jumped for joy when he received that exciting email message saying he just won a cool grand! Pretty...

Sweeps4All - Enter To Win $1,000

It’s that time again and we sure hope you’re not missing out on the chance to win our upcoming $1,000 Cash Prize Giveaway! We’d love nothing better than to send that fantastic winner email message to you along with a payment for a cool grand! We truly believe it’s a free gift you can give...

Samsung 65" Smart LED TV

Have you been dreaming of your own home theater? Well, maybe you’re in luck! Sweeps 4 All is giving away this amazing, state-of-the-art High Definition 65” Samsung Smart LED TV to one lucky winner! Just think what you could do with a TV this amazing! Samsung has the reputation of being a leader...

How Can I Tell If A Sweepstakes Is A Scam?

There are a wide variety of legitimate sweeps offered by real companies with solid reputations. But like anything else out there, the potential of scammers to use the allure of a prize-winning sweepstakes to rip you off, is also real. So, how can you tell the difference between a real sweepstakes...

Prize Redemption: You Have Options

At Sweeps4All we love nothing more than notifying winners and awarding prizes. It's fun to make other people happy.

And we give out a lot of prizes. So, we want to make sure we can easily get the prizes to our winners. The best thing you can do to help yourself, should you be a winner, is to make...

Have A Question about Sweeps4All? Contact Us!

At Sweeps4All, we're happy when you're happy (and when we award our winners), so if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out and contact us so that we can do our best to answer your question, clarify any confusion and help you as best we can. If you've having trouble entering to win,...

How We Notify Winners

When you win, we will first try to notify you through your registered email address. From that email, you are able to claim your prize and let us know how you'd like to redeem what you've won. (We love sending these emails, by the way!)

Another way to check to see if you are a winner is by...

Why Using Correct Email Is So Important

At Sweeps4All, we spend a lot of time preparing and promoting our prizes, including cash, gift cards and prizes in all shapes and sizes. The best part of our jobs is when we get to notify winners and send them their winnings. To do so, our first step is to notify each winner via email, so if we...