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Congrats to our recent winners:

  • Debra A. of Wrentham, MA won the $20 DAILY Amazon Gift Card on October 24
  • Bueford C. of Otterville, IL won the $10 Cash Giveaway on October 24
  • Geraldine R. of North Las Vegas, NV won the $5 DAILY Amazon Gift Card on October 24
  • Shay L. won the $5 Cash Giveaway on October 24
  • Jordan S. won the $20 Cash Giveaway on October 24
  • Radford P. of Senoia, GA won the $10 DAILY Amazon Gift Card on October 24
  • Michael L. of Superior, WI won the $5 Cash Giveaway on October 23
  • Donald T. of Wichita, KS won the $20 DAILY Amazon Gift Card on October 23
  • Russell S. of Pittsburgh, PA won the $10 Cash Giveaway on October 23
  • Julianna C. of Seaside, OR won the $20 Cash Giveaway on October 23
  • Van O. of Hendricks, MN won the $5 DAILY Amazon Gift Card on October 23
  • Jeffrey M. of Cheshire, CT won the $10 DAILY Amazon Gift Card on October 23
  • John A. of Waianae, HI won the $25 Cabela's Gift Card on October 22
  • William B. of Suwanee, GA won the $20 Cash Giveaway on October 22
  • MC C. of Ephrata, WA won the $10 DAILY Amazon Gift Card on October 22

Current Sweeps4All giveaways include several great cash, gift card and electronic prizes, including:

$7777 cash

7 is known to be a lucky number. So, how lucky would it be to win four 7’s - $7,777 in cash? You can enter up to 5 times each day to win this $7,777 prize, so make sure to enter today, and every day until this offer expires

$1000 cash

Everyone can come up with 1,000 ways to spend an extra $1,000 cash. There are endless opportunities to shop, travel, give or save this $1,000 if you are selected as your winner. Just remember, you have to play to have a chance to win.

65” Samsung TV

Everything looks better on a new TV, especially a 65” Samsung Ultra HDTV television. Watch your favorite teams, shows, movies and listen to music on your new TV, should you be selected as the winner of this 65” Samsung Television giveaway.


This all-in-one PC is a perfect family computer that’s perfect for email, presentations, spreadsheets, writing documents and is equally adept at streaming movies, playing games online and surfing the internet to shop, read or research. With a 19.5” screen and a 2.0GHz Celeron processor it can handle almost anything you need it to do, so make sure to enter today and every day until this offer expires.

$250 Visa Gift Card

This $250 Visa Gift Card giveaway is almost like giving away $250 in cash, as Visa is accepted almost everywhere. And, with this $250 Visa Gift Card, there’s no reason to carry cash as you shop in-store or online. Make sure to enter up to 5 times a day until this offer expires.

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$500 Cash Winner - August 2020

$500 Cash Winner Meshach G. - August 20, 2020!

It’s another fantastically exciting day here at Sweeps4All because we love nothing better than announcing winners! Today’s huge congrats go out to Meshach G. of St. Louis, Missouri, who won the incredible $500 Cash Prize Giveaway! Cha-Ching! That’s...

$7,777 Winner

August 14, 2020 - $7,777 winner Diane P.

The anticipation was mounting last week and we were all on the edge our seats waiting for the big winner announcement! Even our social media friends got in on the excitement and we were all rooting for whoever the unknown winner was to be. The suspense was...

July 2020 Sweeps4All Winners

Sweeps4All – July 2020 Winner Roundup

It’s a sizzling hot month of July for our sweepers who have been cashing in on daily prizes and other fun wins! Kenneth D. in Lakeland, Florida, won the $20 Cash Giveaway on July 2nd, and Earl S. of Cuttingsville, Vermont, hit a nice $20 Amazon Gift Card...

June 2020 Sweeps4All Winners

Sweeps4All – June 2020 Winners

It’s another wonderful month for winners here at Sweeps4All. Our players have been winning lots of daily prizes too. Congrats to all of our daily winners, including: Janice J. from Bell City, Iowa who won the $20 Amazon Gift Card on June 1st, Kenneth V. of Trenton,...

$1,000 Winner - July 2020

Sweeps44All $1,000 Winner Cheryl R. of Boynton Beach, Florida – July 13, 2020

We awarded a $1,000 prize to Cheryl R, of Boynton Beach, FL on July 13th, 2020. And we did it via video chat. Cheryl was so happy to receive the call, she was practically in tears, saying how excited she was and stated,...

Are You Already A Sweeps4All Winner?

Sweeps4All Claiming Your Prizes - Attention: Missing Winners!

Sweeps4All is always 100% free to enter for chances to win some pretty impressive prizes and cash! We love nothing more than awarding these prizes to our players.

Yet, sometimes, we actually can't find the winners to notify them and...

March 2020 Sweeps4All Winners

March 2020 was a month of winners on Sweeps4All, with 9 giveaways in addition to our 6 daily prize winners. Including a special one-day gold-giveaway.

Hats off to Carol S of Kilgore TX for winning our special 1-day gold giveaway on March 3rd.. There's a reason that we say "go for the gold" and...

Sweeps4All Winners - December 2019

December is always an exciting time, with holiday celebrations and end-of-year parties in full swing. It's also the one time of the year where ugly sweaters are fashionable.

December's also a month of winning. December 1st lucky winners enjoyed winning prizes to begin their holiday season for...

Sweeps4All Daily Winners - November 4th - 25th, 2019

It was an exciting month of November at Sweeps4All. We were busy awarding daily prizes to our winning members. With 6 daily winners and other prizes to award, we had a lot of winners to contact.

November 4th was a fun day awarding prizes to our lucky winners. Congratulations go out to all our...

HP All-In-One PC

Just like the name says, this PC has it all. Whether you’re a single user or have a family, the All-in-One entertainment station has you covered. HP has long been a leader in the world of personal computers. HP dates all the way back to 1939 and one of their very first customers was Mr. Walt...

Samsung 65" Smart LED TV

Have you been dreaming of your own home theater? Well, maybe you’re in luck! Sweeps 4 All is giving away this amazing, state-of-the-art High Definition 65” Samsung Smart LED TV to one lucky winner! Just think what you could do with a TV this amazing! Samsung has the reputation of being a leader...

How Can I Tell If A Sweepstakes Is A Scam?

There are a wide variety of legitimate sweeps offered by real companies with solid reputations. But like anything else out there, the potential of scammers to use the allure of a prize-winning sweepstakes to rip you off, is also real. So, how can you tell the difference between a real sweepstakes...

Can I Increase My Chances Of Winning?

Sweeps4All sweepstakes winners are drawn at random from all valid entries submitted after the giveaway end date (note that are end dates are based on Eastern Standard Time (EST)). Once the winner is picked, that person is notified by email and once confirmed (where to send prize to and how they...

Why So Many Sweepstakes Choices?

Why do we have so many sweepstakes options? Simple, it starts with the fact that we love to notify and award prizes to our winners. It's the best part of what we do at Sweeps4All. Who doesn't love to make someone else's day?!

We purposely always have a variety of prizes available, including cash,...

Prize Redemption: You Have Options

At Sweeps4All we love nothing more than notifying winners and awarding prizes. It's fun to make other people happy.

And we give out a lot of prizes. So, we want to make sure we can easily get the prizes to our winners. The best thing you can do to help yourself, should you be a winner, is to make...

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Sweeps4All offers you the chance to enter over 20 unique sweepstakes, including up to 6 daily giveaways. And, you can enter many of them up to 5 times each day.

If 20+ opportunities isn't enough to scratch your sweepstakes itch, and you really love entering to win sweepstakes online, then please...

Have A Question about Sweeps4All? Contact Us!

At Sweeps4All, we're happy when you're happy (and when we award our winners), so if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out and contact us so that we can do our best to answer your question, clarify any confusion and help you as best we can. If you've having trouble entering to win,...

How We Notify Winners

When you win, we will first try to notify you through your registered email address. From that email, you are able to claim your prize and let us know how you'd like to redeem what you've won. (We love sending these emails, by the way!)

Another way to check to see if you are a winner is by...

Why Using Correct Email Is So Important

At Sweeps4All, we spend a lot of time preparing and promoting our prizes, including cash, gift cards and prizes in all shapes and sizes. The best part of our jobs is when we get to notify winners and send them their winnings. To do so, our first step is to notify each winner via email, so if we...