Why Using Correct Email Is So Important

If you're a winner, we want to make sure we can reach you

At Sweeps4All, we spend a lot of time preparing and promoting our prizes, including cash, gift cards and prizes in all shapes and sizes.  The best part of our jobs is when we get to notify winners and send them their winnings.  To do so, our first step is to notify each winner via email, so if we don't have an accurate, active email address on file for you, we can't let you know that you've won, should that be the case.

As you enter giveaways on Sweeps4All, your entries are tracked via your email address that you use to submit each time you enter,  So, you don't need an account.  You need to use an active, accurate email account.

So, as you enter to win cash, gift cards and/or prizes, please make sure to enter with an accurate email address that you use.  And as you receive email from us, please make sure it's going to your inbox.  Sometimes email ends up in a spam or junk folder and we have seen cases where winners don't actually get their prize because the winner notification email ends up in a spam folder that goes unchecked.  That would be a real bummer!

A recent winner on another site sent us a message to let us know that he found his winning notification in his spam folder.  Thankfully, winner prizes never expire and you can claim them at any time, but you can't claim them if you don't know you're a winner.  So please make sure to use your active email address each and every time you enter to win on Sweeps4All.com. 

And, sadly, there are cases where we don't hear back from a winner and that prize ends up going unclaimed.  We don't like it when it happens and don't want it to happen to you, should you be chosen as a winner, so please make sure to use your active, accurate email address.

Keep playing.  We hope to see your name on our winners list sometime soon.

The Sweeps4All team.

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