Prize Redemption: You Have Options

At Sweeps4All we love nothing more than notifying winners and awarding prizes. It's fun to make other people happy.

And we give out a lot of prizes. So, we want to make sure we can easily get the prizes to our winners.  The best thing you can do to help yourself, should you be a winner, is to make sure that you enter all Sweeps4All giveaways with an email address that you use and check regularly.  This is because we notify all winners with winner notification emails. With 6 daily prize winners a day, we send a lot of these emails and it's hard when we don't get a response - we want to give the prizes to our winners.

And, all prizes can be redeemed in several ways.  If you win an actual prize, like electronics, for example, you can have that prize shipped directly to you.  If you win a prize, cash or a gift card, you can choose to be paid in one of several ways, including a check, a PayPal deposit or via Amazon Gift Card.  We do this so that our winners have options and can select the redemption choice that is either/both easiest and most convenient for them.  We want to make it easy for our winners to get their prizes.

Should you receive a winning notification email, the next step is to select your redemption method and confirm your information.  We'll take it from there to get you the prize you won.  

Remember, the best thing you can do to help ensure you get your prize if you win is to enter with a valid email address that you check frequently.  And, make sure to enter up to 5 times each day for each prize you want to win.  

Good luck!  We hope to see you on our winners list. Soon.

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