How We Notify Winners

When you win, we will first try to notify you through your registered email address.  From that email, you are able to claim your prize and let us know how you'd like to redeem what you've won.  (We love sending these emails, by the way!)

Another way to check to see if you are a winner is by checking our winners list.  Every day.  Since we give away 6 daily prizes, there are always new winners being added to the winners page, so make sure to check it often.  The winners list gives you a list of all prizes we've given away, and we're working to make that a very long list, soon!

The winners list is one of our favorite places.  It creates excitement for us, and, obviously, for our winners.  And as we award prizes, we ask winners to share pictures of themselves with their check, gift card or prize.  We love to see the smiles of everyone who wins, and hope you do too.  We'll add these pictures to the site as they come in. 

If you ever see your name on the winner's list but have not received an email, please contact us ASAP.  Every winner is sent a 'winners email', but sometimes they don't make it to the inbox.  So, in addition to registering with your accurate email address, please also make sure to whitelist [email protected]  This will help ensure that you don't have to worry about missing an email, especially a winners' notification!  

We hope to see you on the winners list!

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