Sweeps4All June 2022 Winner Highlights

See Our June Sweepstakes Winners!

There’s no better time to keep entering our free sweepstakes for the chance to win some amazing prizes! We’re pretty excited to have added some really fun daily giveaways recently, including a $15 Starbucks Gift Card and a $15 Chipotle Gift Card on top of the $10 cash prize we award to someone every day! Hey, it’s not life changing, but who doesn’t want free lunch or coffee or to put a couple of extra gallons of gas in your car or whatever you could use some extra dollars for. Plus, it’s free and no one can argue with that, right?! So, while you’re entering to win all of the sweepstakes we offer, be sure to include the daily giveaways in your entries. If you win, we’ll send you an email so you can easily collect your prize!

Janette C. of Roanoke, Virginia, is enjoying her morning coffee courtesy of Sweeps4All since she won the $15 Starbucks Gift Card on June 1! That could buy hot or cold coffee or tea, breakfast, lunch or even an afternoon snack along with your favorite beverage. Bonnie G. of Palm Harbor, Florida, won the $15 Chipotle Gift Card prize drawing on June 1. What a great place to enjoy a nice lunch or dinner or maybe you’ll stop by for happy hour!

Willie W. won the $50 Target Gift Card prize drawing on June 2, just in time to gear up for summertime fun with some new clothes, groceries for an outdoor barbecue, or perhaps you’ll buy some toys for the kids to enjoy at the beach or in your pool. That would be something fun for everyone!

Linda R. of Westerly, Rhode Island, also added her name to the daily winners list after she won the $10 prize drawing on June 3. That could go towards an upgrade on your manicure or maybe you’ll use it to buy lunch at your favorite café!

Janice T. in Prescott Valley, Arizona, can take her favorite things to do wherever she goes now that she won the Kindle Fire 7 Tablet on June 9, 2022! What a fun prize win since there are so many things you can enjoy doing on it, including entering Sweeps4All!

Gerald C. from Lincolnton, North Carolina, may have felt a breeze when he hit a cool grand cash prize win on June 16! That’s $1,000 cash in your pocket just for entering your email address in our free sweepstakes. That’s pretty incredible, and we hope you’re excited to win all that money! Winning a chunk of cash at anytime of year is fantastic, but now that it’s summer you can surely enjoy it even more. Maybe you take a long needed vacation or put a down payment on a new car and go for a long cruise. Have fun with it no matter how you spend it, Gerald!

Natasha M. of Vancouver, Washington, also has some extra money to spend this summer since she won the $50 cash prize drawing on June 23! That could help out with your new summer wardrobe or maybe you’ll use it to go out and have fun at a concert in the park with your friends!

Andrew G. in Los Alamos, New Mexico, also won a fun prize when he was chosen in the Cuisinart Brew Central 12-cup Coffee Maker drawing on June 30! We’re sure your neighbors will be delighted when they get a whiff of that incredible aroma coming from your kitchen since this is the ultimate in home coffee makers! We’re sure if you don’t already know all your neighbors, you will when you find them outside your door asking for a cup of that amazing java!

Congratulations to each of our winners for the month of June 2022. We hope you continue to enjoy entering every day to win the prizes you want. We have something for everyone, so you can choose what you like or enter them all. It’s always free and simple to enter every day for the chance to win our giveaways!

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