$1,000 Cash Prize Winner June 16, 2022!


It sure turned out to be one lucky day for Gerald C. from Lincolnton, North Carolina, who won our $1,000 Cash Prize on June 16, 2022, just in time to celebrate Father’s Day. Now it can be a double celebration with that cool grand on hand! We’re always thrilled to award this large cash prize to a new winner and really happy your were chosen in this drawing, Gerald! We’re sure you must be equally as thrilled because having all that money to use any way you choose is certain to make you happy! No matter how you decide to spend it, we hope you thoroughly enjoy it!

Maybe you’ll start by inviting your favorite people over to a fun backyard party and head out to Aldi to pick up everything you need to prepare a great feast they all can enjoy! You might even head down to Ace Hardware to check out the holiday sales on grills and upgrade to that one you’ve been admiring! It’s always a fantastic feeling when you can buy something you’ve wanted and finally enjoy it instead of just dreaming about it, right?! You could even stop by Walmart to pick up some outdoor decorations to make your party really festive and maybe even get a cake and ice cream to add a great dessert to your celebration. You can certainly fill up your gas tank to do all those errands too, now that you have all that money! With the prices these days, it sure is fabulous to win money you can use for whatever you need. That could also mean paying some bills, saving some in the bank, or just using it for day to day living so you can hang on to your paycheck and not have to dip into your savings or use your credit card to buy things.

Of course, those are just some ideas, and you may have other plans, like a long overdue vacation to the coast. You might decide to book a flight, or pack up the car and head to your favorite beachside destination to enjoy some time in the sand and sun. Or you could book a cabin by the lake or pack up your camping gear to spend some time fishing and relaxing for a while. You sure don’t have to go very far to set up a great spot around Lake Norman with so many wonderful choices of a prime location to spend time enjoying the outdoors. Have a fantastic time with your prize money, Gerald, and thanks for entering Sweeps4All! We hope you celebrate being a winner and keep entering our free giveaways for the chance to win again!

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