Sweeps4All Winners Spotlight - August & September 2021

The dog days of summer may have come to an end, but winning our free sweepstakes contests has not! That’s the beauty of our entering to win Sweeps4All. It doesn’t end with a prize win since we reset the drawing to another date and offer ongoing chances to win next! It’s really fun to open your email and see a message saying, “you have won!” We’re always delighted to send those emails and offer our sincere congratulations to the lucky winners.

Sheila H. got her winner email when she won the August 19 prize drawing for the super cool Samsung Chromebook. That’s a fantastic win and one of our favorite prizes to award! With your new Chromebook, you really do have the world at your fingertips no matter where you are. You can use it in any room of your house, take it to your favorite café or coffee shop, bring it with you to work or on vacation or anywhere you need to accomplish your daily tasks, stay in touch and have fun with your favorite entertainment! Congrats, and enjoy it, Sheila!

Paulett S. of St. Helens, Oregon, is also enjoying some online fun since she won the Kindle Fire 7 Tablet prize drawing on August 26. This is another incredibly portable device with all the bells and whistles you need to do what you do. You can read books, watch podcasts, listen to your favorite tunes, stay in touch with family and friends, take and upload photos and videos, see what’s happening in the world on the news and social media, surf the web, shop, edit documents, email and do whatever you need to accomplish in your day! Super cool!

September started on a high note when Steve K. of Hisperia, California, won the $1,000 Cash Prize Sweepstake! We couldn’t be more excited to give this large cash prize away again! It’s such a thrill and an honor to let one of our sweepers know they’ve got a cool grand coming their way which they can spend on anything they choose! That could cover a nice vacation, pay off your bills, pay for a special occasion like a fun birthday party, or even a down payment on a new car or place to live. There’s a lot you can do with all that money, and we sure hope whatever you chose, you enjoyed winning it and had the time of your life spending it, Steve! Congrats!

Paula R. of Rochester, New York, won the $50 Cash Prize on September 9. While that’s not as much as Steve won, it’s still free money you can use any way you’d like to! Perhaps you’ll go out for a great meal to catch up with an old friend and enjoy reminiscing about the good old days! You could head to Tapas 777, because who doesn’t like a variety of delicious small plates and tasty drinks?! That would definitely be one way you could have a good time with your prize money!

Osymn S. from Worchester, Massachusetts, also got a very cool prize winner email message after being chosen in the September 23 drawing for the super fun Amazon Fire TV Stick. This is one prize that can actually make money since you can ditch your expensive cable channels and subscribe to your favorite apps for a fraction of the cost. Plus, there are lots of programs you can watch for free and that’s a price anyone can afford!

Calvin T. is no doubt the local brew master now, and we’re not talking suds. He’s the master of java since he won the amazing Cuisinart Brew Central 12-Cup Coffee Maker on September 28! There’s no doubt your neighbors are going to wonder if a new coffee shop opened up nearby once they smell that amazing aroma coming from your kitchen! This is not your mother’s coffee maker! It has all the features you need to brew freshly ground coffee to perfection every time!

Congrats also go out to each one of our $20 Daily Cash Prize Winners! We give this cash to one player every day as our way of saying thank you for liking and entering our site and we hope you keep entering to win the great prizes we offer. You can collect your daily cash prize in one of three easy ways so if you’d like to go shopping online you can choose PayPal or an Amazon Gift Card. We can also mail you a check. Just let us know which you’d prefer when you reply to your winner email notification and your prize money will be on its way!

We hope you keep entering every day since we reset the sweepstakes whenever someone wins. That way everyone has the chance to be the next winner. After all, we are Sweeps4All and we want you all to win! Best of luck and we hope to see you on the winner’s list!