Sweeps4All December 2021 Winners Spotlight

The month of December is always festive and joyful and winning a prize on Sweeps4All makes it even better! We just love when our players win. It makes us just as happy to send out a winner email message as the recipient is to receive it. Keep in mind, when a player wins one of our prize giveaways, we reset the sweepstake to give all of our sweepers more chances of becoming the next winner. So, if you have your eye on a prize or prizes, be sure to enter every day. That way you will be claiming every possible entry available. That’s the best way to maximize your chances of becoming one of our winners. Just make certain when you fill your email in the entry box to double check that you’ve spelled it correctly. We certainly wouldn’t want a type-o to stand between you and a prize win! When an entry is chosen at random on the date the sweep ends, we send out a winner email notification to the email address connected to that winning entry. So, you can see why your email is so important since that’s the only means we have to identify the winner and let them know they’ve won something fantastic from us!

Catherine A. of Old Town, Maine, received one of those delightful winner emails from us after she was chosen in the December 2 prize drawing to win the super cool Samsung Chromebook! This is one of our very favorite prizes and also popular with our sweepers. It’s super-fast, super portable, comes with built in security software and you can manage all of your Google apps which are also built in. On top of that it’s got a super quick processor, so there’s no lag time when you’re working on your daily tasks or enjoying your favorite entertainment. It’s lightweight at just 2.54 pounds so it’s easy to take on the go. You’ll enjoy your favorite entertainment too since it’s got stereo speakers and blue tooth 4.0, plus a headphone jack if you need to plug your favorite pair in. It comes equipped with a web cam, so you can video chat, attend a Zoom meeting, or Skype with anyone you need to connect with. And, with 4 GB of memory, you can multi-task without worrying about anything locking up or crashing. That’s always a relief when you need to get a lot done! Have fun with it, Catherine! We hope you enjoy being our latest winner of this great prize!

Ted P. from Florissant, Missouri, has some extra spending money, perhaps to use during the holidays, since he won the $50 Cash Prize drawing on December 9. It’s always fun to win cash, especially if you weren’t expecting to get that surprise winner email message! That sure makes the holidays a lot more fun. Now you can buy that office grab bag gift, or go out for a delicious meal at your favorite local restaurant in town. You might even pick up a couple of pizza pies and take them home for the whole family to enjoy. Pizza is a great way to celebrate being a winner and share the joy with your loved ones! You could even add everyone’s favorite toppings and perhaps a side salad or garlic knots. Of course, you can spend your prize money on whatever you choose, we just love talking about pizza! Whatever your plans are, we’re happy to welcome you to the winners’ page and hope you enjoy being among our many winners!

Donna B. from Fremont, California, also has some holiday spending money she may not have been expecting since she won our $100 Amazon Gift Card prize drawing on December 22! That’s always a fun site to shop on, no matter what time of year it is! With so much to choose from, you may need to make a hot cup of tea and hunker down to do some serious browsing. You can also add things to your cart and leave them there and if you chance your mind, just click on Save for Later and you can always retrieve the item if you decide you do want to purchase it at another time. We hope you have a fun online shopping adventure with your gift card, Donna, and wish you all the best in the New Year!