Sweeps4All Loves Our Winners

One of the best things about our job is awarding prizes to our winners. After all, our site is called Sweeps4All because we just love to include everyone possible so they can enter for their own free chances to win the great prizes we offer in our daily sweepstakes contests.

The purpose of playing Sweeps4All obviously is to win. That’s why we’ve made it super easy, fast, fun and totally free so you can enter every single day for the prizes you would love to be the winner of. We just love sending out winner email notifications and awarding the prizes our players win! It’s one of the most satisfying things, to make someone happy by making their day with a prize winner message and sending that prize or payment to them.

Another exciting aspect of our site is, once a prize is awarded to a winner, we reset the sweepstake so those who didn’t win this time around will have more chances to become the next winner. If you have already won and have gotten that thrilling email notification and the boasting rights to having your name proudly displayed on our winners list, congratulations! We hope you enjoy your prize or cash payment and are still playing every day.

Once you win, you get that inspirational feeling which gives the confidence of knowing you can win again! It’s quite a great feeling to have that accomplishment of winning for putting in a few moments of your time each day and having fun in the process!

Keep in mind, we want to be sure you know about it as soon as you win. We do have some past winners who never replied to their winner email message and may have not been paid as a result. If you think you may have missed a winner notification, check your emails from us to see if there are any “you have won” subject line messages you could have missed. You can also check our winners list by searching for your name.

This is one of the reasons we always emphasize how very important it is to use your real and main email address and enter it properly when submitting entries in our free sweepstakes contests. As we’ve said, we just love paying our winners and it can be disappointing if we can’t reach them. It’s quite exhilarating telling someone they’ve won and totally thrilling to pay their prize! So, make sure you are not among our missing winners and keep up with all of our email messages.

If you need to reach our prize department to see if you’ve won, click on the Contact Us link and let us know the details in the box where it says, “type a question.” Be sure to fill in the email address you enter with so we can track any potential winnings if yours are among the missing.

Going forward, we suggest, if you are an avid sweeper, setting up an email account which you use solely for the purpose of entering sweepstakes such as ours. This way your messages will stay organized in one email account and not get mixed in with other messages you receive and potentially go unread or end up in a folder such as spam or promotions where you will miss seeing it. That’s one of the keys of success in being a winning sweepstakes player! The other key, of course, is to keep entering each day so you don’t miss any one of your free chances to win!