Enter The 6 Daily Giveaways

Enter to win any or all of our 6 daily giveaways.  You can play each up to 5 times a day and keep playing to win great cash, gift card and prize opportunities.  

The daily giveaways are among the most popular games on Sweeps4All.  And why not, as winners are announced daily and you have an opportunity to win each and every day.

Want to play?  Give them all a try.

$20 daily cash giveaway

$20 Amazon Gift Card

$10 Daily Cash Giveaway

$10 Amazon Gift Card

$5 Daily Cash Giveaway

$5 Amazon Gift Card

Winners have the option to take their daily prize payment in the form of an Amazon Gift Card, a PayPal deposit or we can send a paper check to their address. Most winners do choose Amazon Gift Cards or PayPal deposits, as these payments are sent electronically and are sent almost every business day. Paper checks can take up to 15 business days to arrive, yet remain a great option.

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