December 2020 $500 winner

$500 is a lot of cash to win. And our December 2020 winner, Ricardo G, said it best when he found out he won, saying, 

"Oh my GOD! I won? This is amazing! - WOW! This is so AWESOME! I am doing a happy dance!"

We can't say what Ricardo did with the $500, but he sure had a lot of choices.  Especially since he won during the holiday season, making it possible to buy more gifts for family, friends or even something special for himself.  

What would you do if you won $500?  Travel, shop, eat well, pay a few bills?  Maybe a little of a few things?  Here are a few of our favorite suggestions on how to spend $500

  • A special night out with family or friends
  • Buy something special for yourself
  • Buy something special for a loved one or friend and surprise them on a random Wednesday
  • Stock the 'fridge with favorite foods and beverages
  • Take a quick vacation 
  • Spend a weekend at a resort, doing nothing
  • Donate to a charity or cause near and dear to you
  • Treat a friend to a day of leisure
  • Pay off a few bills
  • A few of the things above
  • Whatever you choose if you're our winner because it'll be your $500 to spend

Whatever, you'd do, just make sure you enter to win the next $500 giveaway and maybe we'll be writing about you as our next $500 winner. 

And, like Robert said, you'd definitely do your happy dance.