Sweeps4All $1,000 Winner – Darrell L. of Kingsport, Tennessee – January 2022

We are so very delighted to congratulate our newest $1,000 cash prize winner, Darrell L. of Kingsport, Tennessee, who won the prize drawing on January 27, 2022! We’re sure Darrell must have jumped for joy when he received that exciting email message saying he just won a cool grand! Pretty awesome! We’re so happy for you and hope you have big plans for enjoying all that cash! You might begin your winner celebrations with a fabulous dinner to enjoy with your family. You could order delivery from your favorite place, or take everyone out to spend some quality time together while you feast on a winner celebration meal. You could also hit the stores and go on a fantastic shopping spree to buy some things you’ve always wanted. There’s nothing more fun than shopping on a whim with prize money, is there?!

Of course, you might be one for being more practical, and you’ll use your prize money to pay bills and buy home essentials like groceries and household supplies. You could cover expenses like your rent or mortgage payment and rest easy knowing you’ve got it paid this month. Of course, you might also want to splurge on something fabulous and that cash prize could pay for a wonderful vacation to somewhere you’ve always dreamed of going, like a warm tropical island paradise. That would certainly be a way to have a great time with your cash prize and mark the occasion with good times you’ll always look back on and remember the day you won all that money and used it to just enjoy yourself with your favorite person! There are so many different ways you can enjoy having a thousand dollars to use however you want to! We’re sure, no matter what you plan to do with it, you’ll enjoy it to the max! It sure is a great feeling to win all that cash, isn’t it?!

To our other valued sweepers who didn’t win this time around, don’t be disappointed. We’ve reset the $1,000 cash prize sweepstake so you can enter for your chance to win the next prize drawing. The best way to give yourself the most chances to win is to claim every free entry every single day during the contest period. That way you won’t potentially miss the winning entry. Since our winners are chosen at random from all of the entries received when the sweep ends, you’ll want to have as many entries in with your name on them as you can possibly get. Just be certain you enter your email address correctly before you click the submit button and use the one you check the most often.

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Just be sure to let them know it’s completely free to enter, and totally free to collect a prize if they win. Everything about Sweeps4All is free, so there’s nothing to lose by entering. It doesn’t take much time either. It’s as quick as filling in your email address for each prize entry and clicking or tapping the button to submit it. So, go ahead and keep entering every day. We’re always thrilled to see new winners and award cash and prizes. One thing is for sure, we love awarding prizes and truly hope you will be next on our winners list!