Are You Already A Sweeps4All Winner?

Sweeps4All Claiming Your Prizes - Attention: Missing Winners!

Sweeps4All is always 100% free to enter for chances to win some pretty impressive prizes and cash! We love nothing more than awarding these prizes to our players.

Yet, sometimes, we actually can't find the winners to notify them and help them to collect their prize(s). Yes, some people actually have multiple prizes awaiting their acceptance. Can you imagine that, you've won cash, gift cards or prizes and you don't follow up to claim them? It happens.

Sweeps4All notifies winners via email. This is the only way we can track and notify those who win on Sweeps4All. If you’ve been entering to win Sweeps4All, and if you're reading this you probably have, please check your email messages, including your spam folder. If you see a message anywhere from Sweeps4All, be sure to add us to your contact list. That way you won’t miss any important messages, especially if you’ve won a prize. If you sort your messages by who they’re from, or do a search for Sweeps4All if you use a web-based email platform, you can check your messages to see if you’ve missed a winning email notification from Sweeps4All.

Currently, we have a rather large list of missing winners who have not responded to their winning email messages. This means we cannot award the cash or prize they’ve won. To date, we currently have 250 missing winners! We’d really love to lower that number down to zero and send everyone the cash and prizes they’ve rightfully won from entering Sweeps4All.

Then, take a minute and search the Winners List to see if your name is there. If you go to the winners list, you can search by month. For example, if you click on April 2020, you’ll see all of the winners for the month. On your keyboard hit CTRL/F (meaning “find”) and type your name in the search box. This is the fastest way to check each month to see if you’ve won cash or a prize from Sweeps4All. If you find your name and a prize you’ve won but have not collected, please reach out to our Prize Department. You can do this on the“Contact Us” page. Just fill in your name, email address, and in the box that says “Type a Question” let us know what prize you won and the date it’s listed as on the Winners Page.

If you're a missing winner, we’ll be sure to get in touch with you to arrange the payment or shipment of your prize.

Keep in mind, if you have won a prize, you have the choice of how to collect it. If you won a prize you don’t need and would prefer the cash equivalent, or if you’ve won cash, we can pay you via a check in the mail, a direct PayPal Payment, or an Amazon Gift Card. Just let us know when you contact us which method you would prefer.

If you have friends and family members who also play our daily Sweeps4All sweepstakes, please share this important message with them. We hope to hear from our missing winners so we can award the cash and prizes they’ve won. Thanks for being a member of our free Sweeps4All sweepstakes site. Remember, always use your real email address, check for messages from Sweeps4All, add us to your contacts, and be on the lookout for winning prize notifications. Plus, keep checking the Winners List! Have fun and best wishes for success at winning and collecting the prize you’d like!