Sweeps4All – May 2021 Winner Spotlight

It’s another super fun month for prize giveaways here at Sweeps4All! We’re always delighted to shine a spotlight on the cool stuff our players are winning and happy to run the sweepstake again to give our players more chances to win. That’s what we’re all about! So, if you haven’t won the prize you want, be sure to keep entering until we give it away again. It’s that easy to enter for your free chances to become one of our next lucky winners!

Leslie R. in Phoenix, Arizona, might just be cooking up some popcorn and getting the snacks ready for family movie night since she won the super fun Amazon TV Stick on May 6! Now you can stream all your favorite programming till your heart’s content and ditch those expensive movie channel charges on your cable bill if you want to! Enjoy it!

Annmarie S. of Fox Lake, Illionois, is not doubt having lots of fun online with the brand-new Samsung Chromebook she just won on May 13! This is a really popular prize and, quite frankly, we don’t offer anything in our prize lineup that we wouldn’t want to win ourselves! That’s just how we roll and since we all love the Samsung Chromebook so very much; we give one away quite often. So, if you haven’t won yet and would love to win this prize, be sure to keep entering every day! We’d be thrilled to send one to you too!

Ilene S. in Manchester Township, New Jersey, must be filling the neighborhood with the smell of her favorite coffee since she won the Cuisinart Brew Central 12-cup Coffee Maker on May 27! This is another awesome prize we just love to give away because what coffee drinker doesn’t want to best brew possible?! Plus, you don’t have to wait for the full pot to brew if you just can’t wait for that first cup. Go ahead and pour one without spilling anything and then just put the pot back to brew the rest! That's a super great feature for those who need that first cup asap in the morning!

Don’t forget to check your email for messages from us and to find out if you’re one of our $20 Daily Cash Prize winners! Since we give this cash prize to one player every day, there’s a good chance you could be one of our lucky winners! While $20 may not be a life changing amount of money, it’s free cash to have a little fun with! You could buy lunch, put gas in your car, go to the movies, meet your friends for happy hour, or even buy a bouquet of flowers to show someone special in your life how much you care! Charles C. in Rosemont, West Virginia, may be doing just that with the $20 daily cash prize he won on May 3! William B. in East Amherst, New York, might be taking a ride into Buffalo to swing by his favorite White Castle for a sack of those tasty cheeseburgers with the $20 daily cash prize he won on May 5! Kate Y. in beautiful San Diego, might be heading downtown to meet her besties for lunch with the $20 daily cash she won on May 15! Marshall M. in Florence, Alabama, also has some walking around money since he won the $20 daily cash on May 18! That could come in handy to buy some supplies and head to the lake for a relaxing day of fishing! Congrats to all of our lucky winners this month!

Be sure to keep entering and keep an eye on the giveaway date for the prizes you want to win. We notify our lucky winners at the email address associated with the winning entry. That’s why it’s super important to use your real email address and enter it correctly before you submit your entry. That’s the only way we can notify you if you win and arrange to deliver your prize absolutely free of charge! Good luck winning the prizes you want. We hope to add your name to our happy Winners page soon!