July 2020 Sweeps4All Winners

Sweeps4All – July 2020 Winner Roundup

It’s a sizzling hot month of July for our sweepers who have been cashing in on daily prizes and other fun wins! Kenneth D. in Lakeland, Florida, won the $20 Cash Giveaway on July 2nd, and Earl S. of Cuttingsville, Vermont, hit a nice $20 Amazon Gift Card prize win! Jennifer G. also won the $20 Amazon Gift Card on July 4th! There’s cause for extra celebrating! We also giveaway $20, $10, and $5 cash every day to one lucky player. Plus, we award $20, $10 and $5 Amazon Gift Cards, so be sure to enter for chances to win each and every day and keep an eye on your email inbox for messages from Sweeps4All. Also check out our winners list to see all of our daily winners. Your name just may be there or you could win next!

July 2nd was an exciting day for Joyce B. in Muscle Sholes, Alabama, who won a crisp $100 Cash Prize! That’s always an exciting message to receive! Having $100 to spend as you please is always fun! Keep in mind, we offer three choices of payment when you win. You can get a check mailed to your postal address, receive a direct PayPal payment or if you’d like to go shopping online on the world’s largest retail site, we can send you an Amazon gift card, which you can load into your account and start shopping right away! If you spend over $25 on any given purchase, most items include free shipping, so there’s a bonus to your prize money! Enjoy it, Joyce!

Theresa D. of Manchester, New Hampshire, might just be tinkering around the house making her own repairs since she won the Leatherman Wingman Multi-Tool on July 7, 2020! This nifty little pocket tool set comes in handy for so many things, whether you use it at home, take it on a camping trip, or keep in your car in case you need it while you’re traveling. With a variety of 14 different tools in one handy pocket set, you’ll have tools at the ready to fix anything in a jiffy. The sturdy stainless-steel construction is backed by a 25-year warranty, and the built-in spring action makes it convenient to use with one hand. This will be your “go to” tool set for many years to come. We’ll be awarding this fantastic prize again on September 9, 2020, so don’t forget to get all of your five free daily entries in. It even makes for a nice holiday or birthday gift!

Whoa! It was an off the hook day for Cheryl R. in Boynton Beach, Florida, when she won $1,000 Cash on July 9th! That’s certainly a super happy surprise! It opens up so many possibilities with that amount of extra cash on hand! You could put a down payment on a new car, pay down some of those pesky bills, plan a nice vacation getaway, spruce up some home furnishings, surprise your loved ones with some fun gifts or just tuck it away and start a decent savings plan. The list is literally endless what you could use all that amount of cash for. Congrats from all of us, Cheryl. We hope that email message made you jump for joy! That’s certainly some really exciting news and we’re so excited you won! Enjoy!

Deon H. will no doubt be elevating his entertainment experience since he won the super fun Amazon Fire Stick on July 16th. This amazing device puts all of your favorite entertainment at your fingertips. You can stream all of your favorite programming whether it’s Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Amazon, Showtime, STARZ and more! Plus, with voice-activated Alexa, you won’t need to fumble around for your reading glass to see the controls on the remote! There’s a reason why Amazon users have given it their top rating as a best seller! We’ll be giving away this fantastic prize again on August 25th, so don’t forget to maximize your five daily entries for chances to win and you could be in the home entertainment driver's seat soon too!

Priscilla K. in Columbia, Tennesse, is no doubt collecting a bunch of new recipes to try with the 6-Quart Instant Pot/Multicooker she won on July 21st! This amazing electric cooking pot will let you cook in a variety of exciting ways. It can be used as a pressure cooker if you’re short on time, a steamer for some healthy meal alternatives, a rice cooker, a sauté pan, and even a warming pot to keep your meal ready to eat when everyone is hungry. It cooks meat to a perfect tenderness, just like the pros on your favorite cooking shows and you can even make your own refried beans if your family enjoys Mexican night. Pair it with some tacos and you’ll make everyone smile! It’s easily programmable and will most likely become your “go to” appliance for fast and simple meal prep! This is not your mother’s crock pot! If you’d like to win one like Priscilla did, get your five free daily entries in. We’ll be awarding this fantastic cooking pot again on September 15, 2020!

Michelle H. from Windsor, Ontario, Canada, will never have to worry about her beverage getting too warm or too cold again since she won the 36-Ounce Yeti Rambler on July 22nd. This rugged beverage bottle is built for the long haul. With double wall stainless steel thermal construction, it won’t sweat and you won’t burn your hands or even feel the temperature on the outside of the bottle. It’s also rust and puncture resistant, dent-proof and dishwasher safe. So, feel free to take your water on the go to keep it ice cold all day, or keep your coffee or lunch soup hot all day! It’s a top-seller on Amazon, where users have given it 5-star reviews and it’s listed as “Amazon’s Choice.” If you’re tired of wasting money on cheap beverage bottles, enter to win the Yeti. It’s built to last a lifetime! We’re awarding this prize again on September 3rd, so be sure to enter five times per day until the sweeps ends and we award another winner with this cool prize!

Debra L. of Braymer, Missouri, will no doubt be upping her game play and all of her online fun since she won the Samsung Chromebook on July 23rd! This amazing lightweight laptop runs on the super stable Chrome Operating system, and users agree it’s very fast and reliable. You can perform all of your daily tasks and enjoy all of your favorite apps with confidence that it won’t crash and you won’t spend time waiting for apps to load or messages to be sent. It’s also sleek and very portable with a long battery life, so you can use it anywhere you go. Plus, it’s got plenty of storage for photos, videos and ample memory to enjoy all of your favorite entertainment, video chat with friends and family, and connect any of your blue tooth devices seamlessly! If you’d like to upgrade to this popular laptop, get your five free daily entries in until October 29th, when another lucky winner will be awarded this super great prize!

July 28th was a surprising day when Mary I. in Springfield, Missouri, opened her email to find out she won the $25 Cabela’s Gift Card! What a great place to have money to spend! Whether you shop online or in-store, they’re the world’s largest outfitter for all outdoor adventure gear, clothing, tools, gifts and more! They also offer deep discount clearance sales in their Bargain Cave, and the selection is so vast, shopping at Cabela’s could be a whole day’s adventure unto itself! It also makes for a great gift for someone in your life who is an avid outdoor adventurer! Whether it’s camping, boating, hiking, fishing, or even to find a nice gift, Cabela’s has you covered. If you’d like to win for yourself or to give someone special a nice gift, enter five times daily until September 8th, when another lucky winner will be awarded this fun prize!