Why So Many Sweepstakes Choices?

Why do we have so many sweepstakes options?  Simple, it starts with the fact that we love to notify and award prizes to our winners.  It's the best part of what we do at Sweeps4All.  Who doesn't love to make someone else's day?!

We purposely always have a variety of prizes available, including cash, gift cards, electronics and housewares so that almost anyone can find something they would love to have and have a reason to enter.  And, we also you to enter up to 5 times each day so that you can maximize your chances if there's a prize you'd really love to have.

To be sure, we also have visitors who love to win almost anything and they enter to win a lot of prizes.  That's the whole idea - find what you'd love to have and enter to win, even if that's many different prizes each day.

We also give away up to 6 daily sweepstakes prizes each day, largely because we love to notify and award our winners.  And it gives you, our visitors, more chances to play and win each day.  

Our primary prize categories are cash, gift cards and electronics.  We rotate prizes often, so make sure to check www.sweeps4all.com often and when you find something you'd love to win, remember to enter up to 5 times each day until that offer expires.  And, while on the site, remember to enter to win our daily prizes.  Why not!

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