Samsung Chromebook

Sweeps 4 All is pleased to announce our Samsung HD Chromebook Sweepstakes Giveaway, which will be awarded to one lucky winner at the end of this exciting Sweepstakes Contest! This handy portable laptop is lightweight, weighing only 2.54 pounds, so it’s very easy to take with you on the go. Whether you’re going to a meeting in town or across the globe, you can easily grab your Chromebook on your way out the door! You’ll have everything you need to organize your daily tasks and enjoy your favorite entertainment. You can even control your smart home devices from wherever you are. That could certainly come in handy if someone comes to your door when you’re not home! Chromebook runs Android apps, so you can download what you need via Google Play and you’re set to go! You can also watch movies, video chat and keep up with your email and favorite social media sites. So, whether you are home for the night, sitting in your favorite coffee shop, or relaxing back at your hotel, you’ll be able to stay connected to the things that matter in your life.

Since this Chromebook is made by Samsung, you’ll also have the confidence of its reliability and the trusted quality that goes with the Samsung name. This high-performance Chromebook comes equipped with an Intel Celeron processor - you know it’s reliable when it’s got “Intel Inside”! It also has 4 GB of built-in memory, 32 GB of eMMC Flash memory, Bluetooth 4.0, USB 3.0, a media card reader, a web cam, stereo speakers, a headphone jack and the latest Chrome Operating System. The lithium battery will last up to 11 hours, so you don’t need to rush to plug it in when you arrive at your destination.

Chromebooks are gaining in popularity because they are very portable and inexpensive. They’re also popular because the Chrome Operating System is much faster than other popular operating systems and users have noted it’s “less buggy” and; therefore, doesn’t hang up while you have multiple tabs open and apps running. It also handles Google extensions with ease, better than any other operating system, and users agree you can keep many tabs open without the system slowing down or crashing. That in itself is a great feature, as most computer users know, an app hanging up can just mess with your day! The fact that Chromebooks are so user friendly makes them great for anyone who needs to get online and get things done. If you have kids, you can easily occupy them with a movie or their favorite cartoons while you cook dinner or need to keep them amused while you’re traveling.

User reviews are very positive overall, noting it has a great feeling keyboard and long-lasting battery that re-charges quickly. When you close the lid it shuts down, therefore saving battery life if you’re not plugged in. But then it starts up instantly right where you left off when you open the lid! That’s a real time-saver! It’s also a safer operating system, with viruses virtually non-existent. That can certainly save you some coin by eliminating the need for anti-virus or malware subscriptions! They’re so inexpensive, you could potentially get one for everyone in your family for less than the cost of most laptops or desktops. Amazon.com lists it for a little less than $210 and offers free shipping and free returns. Walmart lists this model for $219 but has a price slash running for $159 with free 2-day delivery or free in-store pickup. So, whether you win one or buy it, we’re sure you’ll be excited with this amazing little advanced machine! “I love this Chromebook! For around $200 you can’t beat it!" one Amazon reviewer exclaimed!

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