Sweeps4All Big Prize Winner Roundup - January 2020

$500 Cash

Ron R. in Atlanta, GA, is one happy guy. And who wouldn’t be? Ron was our $500 Sweepstakes cash prize winner on January 22, 2020. Congratulations, Ron. There’s so much you can do with $500; we wondered what you would spend it on. Atlanta sure is an amazing city, and there’s so much to do there. You have it all right in your own backyard! Maybe you treated your family and friends to a fun night of comedy at the Fox Theatre or saw a Broadway show. Or, maybe you took the group to Fat Matt’s Rib Shack and chowed down on some awesome barbecue while listening to your favorite blues band. That sounds like a great night to remember! Whatever you used your prize money for, we hope you had a great time.

Samsung Chromebook

Douglas T. from Hemet, CA, got some exciting news when he opened his email from Sweeps4All on January 16, 2020. Douglas was the proud winner of the amazing Samsung Chromebook. This handy, very lightweight, and super portable laptop is so easy to take with you on the go, weighing only 2.54 pounds. It runs on the Chrome Operating System so it’s super stable and viruses are virtually non-existent so there’s no monthly virus software expense to worry about. It runs Android Apps and you can also control your smart devices. Plus, you can stream all your favorite content. Have fun exploring the world on your Chromebook, Douglas. We’re sure this is one device you’ll enjoy for years to come.

$100 Cash

Dorothy S. from Egg Harbor Township, NJ, woke up $100 richer on January 9, 2020. Dorothy was our $100 cash prize winner today. That’s something that can surely cure the winter blues! Who couldn’t use an extra $100 these days for groceries, gas money, a nice dinner out or even to pay off some of those holiday bills a bit early. Have fun with your prize money Dorothy. Maybe you’ll just keep it all for yourself and have a nice spa day. You earned it!

DeLonghi Indoor Grill

Tony S. from Tillman, SC, is going to be cooking up a storm with his new Delonghi Indoor Grill he won on January 8, 2020. This amazing indoor grill can cook just like an outdoor barbecue, but since you can use it indoors, you can grill all year round. Whether its burgers, hotdogs, sausage, steaks, chicken, seafood fish or veggies, anything that can be grilled can be cooked on it. You could even get creative with skewers. The sky’s the limit on creative cooking with this grill. Another exciting feature is it’s non-stick so you don’t need to stand there scraping all the bits off to clean it. Tony’s friends and family might be curious why he’s inviting them to a winter barbecue and won’t they be surprised when they show up to see what’s cookin’!

Amazon Fire TV Stick

Now who wouldn’t want an Amazon Fire TV Stick? Gary F. from South Holland, IN, certainly wanted one and he got his wish! Gary won this awesome device on January 7, 2020, and we hope Gary is enjoying tuning in to all his favorite streaming content! The Firestick lets you tune in from almost any TV and enjoy music, movies, tv shows, the news, sports games and more. It also pairs with Alexa, so if you can’t find a show you want to watch or a song you want to hear, just ask Alexa and she’ll find it for you. Have fun Gary. We hope you escape into your favorite movie, or cheer on your favorite sports team and enjoy searching for all your favorite streaming entertainment.

$100 Amazon Gift Card

Happy Shopping Spree to Noyabrina D. from Brooklyn, NY who won the $100 Amazon Gift Card! That’s sure to bring a Happy New Year to Noyabrina for the start of 2020! Amazon has so many things you can buy since it’s the world’s largest online marketplace. Another great feature of shopping on Amazon, is most items over $25 qualify for free shipping. And, if you decide you want to return your purchase, just click on the order in your account and hit Return or Replace item. You’ll get a QR code you can show on your phone at any Kohl’s retail store, and they’ll return it for you for free. Plus, as soon as Kolh’s scans the code and processes the return, your money is back in your account instantly! Talk about hassle-free shopping and easy returns! Amazon rocks! Enjoy your shopping Noyabrina! We hope you find something you love!

Samsung 65" HDTV

The last day of 2019 was super exciting for Brenda I. from Baltimore, MD. Not just because it’s New Year’s Eve, but because Brenda was the Sweeps 4 All winner of the amazing Samsung 65” HDTV. This state-of-the-art High Definition television will surely elevate any viewing or gaming experience. Watching a concert or sports game will feel like Brenda and her companions are actually at the event. And Brenda can browse till her heart’s content with the awesome Universal Browse feature. That’ll make everyone happy because all streaming content is conveniently organized into one guide. Plus, the theater-like Dolby Digital Plus sound quality will surely be music to everyone’s ears. We hope you have years of enjoyment watching all your favorite programs Brenda!

Stanley 65-Piece Tool Set

It’s always fun to get an early holiday gift, like Graig H. in Abingdon, MD, did when he won the super cool Stanely 65-piece tool set on December 23, 2019. We bet his house was lit up like the North Pole for the holidays, with all those tools he could use to put up more decorations! This tool kit is perfect for projects around the house, and Graig probably has a long “Honey Do” list by now! That’s okay. We’re sure he won’t mind now that’s he’s got the tools to do it all! And with the nice molded carry case to store the tools in, you’ll never be searching for “where did I put that!”

$250 Visa Gift Card

There’s nothing like getting an unexpected $250, especially right before the holidays! That’s what happened when Darren M. in Grove City, OH, opened his email from Sweeps4All to find out he won a $250 Visa Gift Card on December 20, 2019, and probably sang “Merry Christmas to me” as he did the happy dance! Visa is accepted just about anywhere so the possibilities are endless. Enjoy your $250 Visa Card Darren. We hope it made your season all the more merry and bright!

All-In-One PC

Heading towards the end of the first month of the year and January 30, 2020, turned out to be one lucky day for Denise R. in Walford, MD, who opened her email from Sweeps4All to find she won the fantastic All-in-One PC. What a wonderful gift to receive in the new year. This amazing machine is such a space saver, since the processor and other components are housed in the monitor. There’s no bulky tower or pile of wires to deal with. It’s simply a monitor, keyboard and mouse. It’s easy to move around your home to different rooms since it has a long battery life, just like a laptop. What a great way to manage your life and enjoy your favorite entertainment. Enjoy your new All-in-One PC, Denise! We hope you also use it to enter Sweeps4All every day!