Sweeps4All August 2022 Winner Highlights

The dog days of summer are drawing to a close and although the cooler weather is on the way, there’s nothing hotter than entering our free sweepstakes for the chance to win some truly incredible prizes! We’ve got something for everyone, which certainly reflects the name of our site. Sweeps4All offers everything from dream come true super prizes to computers, small appliances, tools, tv and streaming devices, and some super fun daily giveaways including $10 cash, a $15 Starbucks gift card and a $15 Chipotle gift card so you can enjoy a meal or a coffee while you’re entering for the chance to win! Just be sure to include your entries for these daily prizes while you’re entering our sweepstakes on a daily basis, or as often as possible using the best email to reach you at. Winners are notified at the email they submitted with the winning entry, so keep an eye on your inbox!

Laura M. from Elroy, Wisconsin, is having a nice meal on us since she starts off this month’s list of $15 Chipotle Gift Card winners after she won the prize drawing on August 1! Derek M of Alexandria, Virginia, can have his morning coffee on us since he won the $15 Starbucks Gift Card on the first of the month and Jon E. in Clinton, Mississippi, might be putting some extra gas in his car or swinging by his favorite drive-thru for lunch since he won the $10 Daily Cash Giveaway! It’s always fun to win the daily prizes and we hope you all enjoy being winners! We give these prizes away every day, so be sure to enter for the chance to win. To see the full list of this month’s daily winners, head to our Winners page.

Bill W. is no doubt enjoying kicking back to stream all of his favorite movies, programs, sports, entertainment and more since winning the Amazon Fire TV Stick prize drawing on August 11! Once you have a streaming device you’ll wonder how you ever watched anything without it! The choices of what you can view are virtually endless whether you want to binge watch your favorite sit com or drama series, find new movies to see or watch some old classics again, enjoy game day to root for your favorite teams, see concerts by your favorite bands, explore new channels and discover new shows, the list goes on and on! Add to that, you can subscribe to your favorite apps like Discovery+, Disney+, Prime Video, Netflix and more! You can also use Alexa to search for you or ask her for anything else you might need, like turning down the lights, answering the door, or finding your favorite tunes. It sure is incredible to have so many functions available just by talking so go ahead and connect to your smart home devices. With Alexa, it’s all at your voice command!

Jerry W. in Lawrence, Kansas, is also having some fun since he won the Kindle Fire 7 Tablet on August 18! This is a really great portable tablet you can use in so many ways and take with your wherever your travels lead you! That means you can keep in touch with friends and family, enjoy watching movies or reading a book, add your favorite apps, surf the web, shop online, listen to music and more! In fact, you can do all of that for up to 7 hours without having to charge it and you can also ask Alexa for assistance with anything you want to know since it’s built-in to this nifty device! Plus, with front and rear facing dual cameras you’ll be a pro at taking photos and videos to share with everyone and you won’t worry about uploading them since you’ll also enjoy 1 gigabyte of RAM with a dual-band WIFI connection. It's no wonder this is a very popular giveaway. Don’t worry if you didn’t win this time around. We’re giving it away again in October, so get your entries in and you just may be the next to win one!

David F. from Louisville, Kentucky, can now call himself a master coffee brewer since he won the super fantastic Cuisinart Brew Central 12-cup Coffee Maker on August 25! Not only does it brew the freshest coffee ever, but it also grinds the beans and filters the water, so each pot is made to perfection! Plus, you can set it the night before, so you wake up to that amazing aroma wafting through the house. That sure makes it easier to rise and shine! You can also set it to keep warm for those late risers in your household or set it to shut off automatically any time up to 4 hours. This is another super popular prize we just love to give away. So much so, that we’re running this sweep again! So, be sure to get your daily entries in for the chance to be the next winner! This is a coffee lovers dream machine so if that’s you, don’t miss the chance to win the next giveaway!

Congrats to all the winners this month and good luck to all of our sweepers! We’re always delighted to see new names on the Winners page and hope you keep entering for the chance to win all of the amazing prizes we offer! Just be sure to enter with an email address you check frequently since that’s how we notify our lucky winners and arrange to send their prize payment. So, keep entering for everything you like, or enter all of our free sweepstakes. It’s always fast, simple, and free to enter daily for the chance to be a winner of something fabulous!

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