Sweeps4All April 2021 Winner Spotlight

The month of April sure has been showering our players with wonderful prizes like spring flowers in bloom! We just love it when our players win cool prizes and we’re even more delighted when we hear how happy they are to be a lucky winner of the prize they wanted!

We know Benerva M. in Raleigh, North Carolina, is putting some serious smiles on the faces in her house since she’s brewing coffee like a pro with the Cuisinart Brew Central 12-cup Coffee Maker she won on April 1! There’s no doubt the smell of her favorite java is wafting through the house with that flavorful aroma everyone just loves! With a built-in coffee bean grinder and water filtration system, this coffee maker brews the best that you can get at home! This is one of our favorite prizes to give away so if you’d like to win one just like Benerva did, be sure to keep entering every day and you could be our next lucky winner brewing the best cup of coffee in town!

Cindy D. of Delta, Missouri, put $50 in her wallet since she won our cash giveaway on April 6! Cash is always a fun prize since you can use it any way you’d like to! Perhaps you’ll celebrate and treat your family to a delicious meal from JJ’s Roadside Café. We hear they have a great lunch menu filled with many delicious sandwiches served with a side of homemade coleslaw. Add some hot fries and you’ve got a great winner celebration lunch for everyone! Enjoy it, Cindy!

Elizabeth E. of Riverside, California, is no doubt enjoying many great things with the cool $1,000 cash prize she won on April 8! Perhaps you’ll use some of that money for an enjoyable winner celebration with a delicious outdoor dining experience along the river followed by a relaxing shopping trip to your favorite retail stores. With such a vibrant and interesting downtown area, we’re sure you’ll find lots of ways to enjoy your prize money. Have a great time, Elizabeth. We’re super happy for you! If you’re also happy for Elizabeth, but wish you had won a cool grand, the only solution is to keep entering until we give this fantastic cash prize away again!

The ladies are sure swooping up some fantastic prize wins this month! Roberta H. of Clinton Township, Michigan, added her name to the winners list on April 13 when she won a fun $50 Target Gift Card! That’s always an exciting prize since Target has an amazing selection of products at fantastic prices and they make it super easy to shop in-store or online with some great delivery or curbside pick-up options!

Junior K. of Newfane, New York, will no doubt be upping his game play since he can play Sweeps4All anywhere, anytime, now that he has a super portable Kindle Fire 7 Tablet he won on April 15. Not only that, Junior can ask Alexa anything he wants to know like the local weather, news, a funny joke, or even find out where his Amazon “stuff” is since Alexa is built right in to this fun and handy tablet device! Keep entering if you’d love to win this awesome prize like Junior did!

Betty M. in Marion, Wisconsin, will surely be having a really fun time browsing the many thousands of items to choose from on Amazon since she’s our lucky winner of the $100 Amazon Gift Card on April 22! You’ll never run out of choices on Amazon whether you want to buy new clothes, household items, a new kitchen gadget, a fun electronics item, movies and music, personal beauty products, or just about anything you can think of! It sure is exciting having $100 to spend and, browsing so many selections, you’ll surely have an online shopping adventure. Enjoy it, Betty!

Congrats also go out to our many $20 daily cash prize winners including: Scott A. in Steep Falls, Maine; Charles S. in Tacoma, Washington; Antonia K. in Boise, Idaho; Janie A. in Martin, Kentucky; John E. from Carrollton, Texas; Leslie L. of Ray Brook, New York; William B. of Suwanee, Georgia; Carolyn K. of Grand Prairie, Alberta, Canada; and Barbara B. of Spencerville, Ontario, Canada. The Canadian ladies actually have an added bonus since $20 US equals more over $24 in Candian dollars! Congrats to each and every one of our winners this month.

Keep entering Sweeps4All. We’d be more than delighted to send you a prize winner email message and deliver your exciting prize absolutely free of charge. We’ll also showcase your name and prize on our Winner's page so you can brag to your friends and invite them to join in on our fun sweepstakes! Just be sure to enter your real email address correctly when submitting your entry into any of our free sweepstakes contests. We certainly want to be able to reach you and send your exciting prize if you’re chosen as one of our lucky winners!