$1,000 Winner - July 2020

Sweeps44All $1,000 Winner Cheryl R. of Boynton Beach, Florida – July 13, 2020

We awarded a $1,000 prize to Cheryl R, of Boynton Beach, FL on July 13th, 2020. And we did it via video chat. Cheryl was so happy to receive the call, she was practically in tears, saying how excited she was and stated, “I’m ready to cry Matt!” She went on to tell Matty she’s going to spend the prize money on her upcoming wedding in September. Matty offered his congratulations and ended the chat by asking Cheryl what’s one thing she’s going to say to people who “don’t think that we’re real?”

Cheryl’s reply was “it’s true,” because she’s won three times already. She also said it’s a “good sweepstakes site. I love it. I’m on it every night!” What a sweet lady and such a heartwarming exchange. Here at Sweeps4All, we cherish the bond and connections we make with our players and winner’s like Cheryl. We’re so excited for Cheryl and her husband to be. What a great time to come into an extra $1,000 to make their upcoming wedding even more special. Congratulations from all of us Cheryl. Be sure to send us some photos of your happy day. We look forward to it!

Watch the video yourself by clicking here to watch it on YouTube.

If you’d like chances to become a Sweeps4All winner, keep entering every day. One thing we know for sure, which we often hear from our sweepers, is to keep at it. Consistency certainly paid off for Cheryl since this is her third win and, as she said in the chat with Matty, she’s continuing to play every evening. Sweeps4All is a totally free Sweepstakes site which gives players multiple daily chances to enter for cash and really amazing prizes. Simply choose the prizes you like and enter your email address for chances to win. Be sure to use your real email address, and check it every day. We register entries by the email address entered and notify winners to arrange payment at the email address they submit. Be sure to check the spelling when you type in your email before you click the “Enter to Win” button. We’d love nothing more than to send you a prize winner message and add your name to our long list of happy winners! Who knows?! You could get a surprise call from Matty Prizes too! Have fun and best wishes for good luck and success.

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