HP All-In-One PC

Just like the name says, this PC has it all. Whether you’re a single user or have a family, the All-in-One entertainment station has you covered. HP has long been a leader in the world of personal computers. HP dates all the way back to 1939 and one of their very first customers was Mr. Walt Disney himself! This model is no exception to their standard of excellence. You can surf the web, watch your favorite movies, play games and even control your smart home devices. The exceptionally fast WiFi allows for podcast streaming and quick file downloads. With an impressive 4GB of built-in memory, you won’t get bogged down keeping all your favorite pages open and multi-tasking your daily work or play. You can also add memory if you need more and expand it up to 16GB. If that’s not impressive enough, the All-in-One PC also comes with 1 Terabyte of hard drive space. That’s the equivalent of 1,000 Gigabytes! With that type of storage, you’ll have no problem keeping all your documents, family photos, videos and more. The 20 GZ Celeron processor is made by Intel, which is another leader in its field. You can always rest assured of stability and reliability when you see the “Intel Inside” logo!

Other amazing features include a 19.5” screen, which is pretty awesome for crisp video chats or watching your favorite movies, tv shows and music videos! And, with wireless networking, like a laptop, you can move your All-in-One to another room, such as your kitchen to cook along with your favorite celebrity chef! This beauty also plays and burns CD’s and DVD’s. So, go ahead and make copies of your infamous party for all your friends and family! We’re sure they’d love that! It also features two USB 3.1 ports, so if you need to transfer files to another device or back up drive, it’s lightning fast! It also has built in Blue Tooth technology, so you won’t need to plug in your printer, or even be in the same room. This makes it easy for family members to share a printer or other wireless devices. It also comes, standard, with a USB keyboard and mouse. Another great feature of this All-in-One is it doesn’t take up a lot of space. You can reduce desk clutter and give yourself some breathing room because there is no bulky tower and pile of wires connected to it. The All-in-One processor and components are all housed in the monitor. Another cool feature is this unit is Energy Star compliant and environmentally friendly.

If you’re so intrigued and looking for an exceptional personal computer at a very reasonable price you can also purchase one today! We’ve found several retailers with prices around $400. That’s pretty good considering the high prices of PC's these days. You can buy it directly on Google for $399.99 with free shipping and a 20% discount (while the discount-offer lasts). The All-in-One from Google is shipped directly from HP. They also offer free 30-day returns. Amazon.com offers it for $429.99 with free shipping and free 30-day returns. If you want to try it out and save even more, Walmart sells a refurbished unit for $319.99 backed with a 15-day return policy by mail or directly to a local Walmart store.

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